Eden Park Bed and Breakfast Environmental  Policy:

·         To maintain a safe working environment and be a member of the New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) Workplace Safety Management Practices Programme.

·         Operate a health and safety program for all staff and hold meetings involving all to discuss/document new options or ideas and implementation of these approved ideas.

·         Comply with all relevant legislation and regulations pertaining to the operation of a    Licenced Bed and Breakfast in New Zealand and; any relevant environmental, public and occupational health and safety, hygiene and employment legislation and other requirements to which the company is obliged to adhere.

·          Integrate sustainability into existing management systems and processes, and encourage staff to present our commitment to sustainability  to our customers, suppliers, contractors, agents, and wholesalers

·         Being  associated and endorsed with all local bodies and local government  that  involve sectors of the  Tourism Industry ,Environmental Organisations, Local Authorities, and  raising /submitting industry issues at a National Level.

·         Employ local contractors and purchase from local suppliers where efficient and environmentally sustainable, products and services can be sourced.

·         Give special consideration to employing and empowering the local community.

·         Use NZ made, environmentally produced goods where ever possible. Consider     ‘sustainable’ alternatives when sourcing new linen supplies and review all products       and services that Eden Park Bed and Breakfast purchases, and advise suppliers that preference will be given to products that meet social and environmental criteria.

·         Create written contracts for maintenance and repair, and ensure they include requirements for protecting health, safety and the environment.

·         Dispose of Hazardous wastes through a recognized disposal provider and supply staff with safety gloves for cleaning purposes.

·         Encourage guests and staff to think about what they buy and ways they can recycle and dispose of them and give a firm commitment to staff being aware of and involved in the environmental philosophy of the company.

·         Regularly record measures and commit to year-on-year improvements in relevant performing indicators, performance goals, and setting targets. Seek to become a carbon neutral certified business and strive to reduce our environmental impact, achieve international best practice and commit to improving operations consistently over time.

Mr Anthony McAnulty, as co-owner of Eden Park Bed and Breakfast, is coordinator for the responsibility of ensuring ongoing environmental performance, identification of risks, recording and monitoring of impacts, submitting annual programme data, and implementing environmental and social sustainability measures.

This policy will be available to all interested parties, visible at our office, and available for download on our website. We encourage all staff, guests, contractors, and the community to suggest ways we can further improve. This policy will be reviewed annually and thereafter.



Signed: Anthony McAnulty.

March 2009